Youth Endowment Fund 

Deadline 26th May 2023

The Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) is run by Impetus, in partnership with the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) and Social Investment Business (SIB). This Themed Projects rounds aim to explore an area of interest linked to one of the themes identified by the YEF to provide a focus for the knowledge it wants to build about what interventions will work to help create the conditions to keep child and young people safe and prevent them from being drawn into violence.

Support is available for organisations in England and Wales for projects invited under the following themes:

  • A safe, positive place to learn
  • Another chance
  • A supportive home
  • A safe neighbourhood
  • Social skills and good mental health
  • Adults they trust
  • Opportunities
  • A fair society

The fund is around £9 million – £10 million to support five or six projects.

Click here for the funder website.