Young people encouraged to look after their mental health

Written and sent on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council:

YOUNG people and their friends, families, and teachers across North East Lincolnshire are urged to reach out for support if they’re feeling low during the half-term break.

Or, if you are a parent who notices your child is letting exam stress or other worries get them down then also pick up the phone or go online to get supportive and expert advice.

North East Lincolnshire Council has joined forces with its partners at NAViGO to publicise just some of the local and national organisations that exist to ensure people of all ages are helped to overcome tough times. Triggers can include exam pressure, money worries, loneliness, bereavement – or even smaller issues such as juggling family life during school holidays.

For young people too, peer and social media pressure can also bring their own challenges.

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