Wolfson Foundation

Deadline 5th January 2022

The Foundation aims to support excellence in the UK, generally through the funding of capital infrastructure in the fields of science and medicine, arts and humanities, education, and health and disability.

The following match funding criteria applies:

  • Arts and humanities, science and medicine or health and disability programmes – the Foundation generally requires that at least 25% of the capital costs of the project are raised before submission (unless the project cost is under £50,000).
  • Schools/education programme – where the total cost of the project is above £1 million, 25% match funding is required; if the total project cost is between £50,000 and £1 million, some match funds are required; and if the total project cost is below £50,000, no match funding is required.

The Foundation accepts applications from the following types of organisation:

  • Charities working with disability.
  • Charities working in mental health.
  • Charities working with older people.
  • Historic buildings & landscapes.
  • Hospices & palliative care organisations.
  • Places of worship.
  • Libraries & archives.
  • Museums & galleries.
  • Performing arts organisations.
  • Public engagement with science organisations.
  • Secondary schools & sixth form colleges.
  • Special needs schools & colleges.
  • Universities & research institutions.

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