Wilberforce Institute Covid-19 Update

Below is an update Wilberforce Institute:

Good day all

I hope you are all fit and healthy

I have some updates and information to share with you.

Firstly please see below the first of our Wilberforce Institute Covid-19 bulletins. We plan to produce these regularly over the coming months, I hope they are helpful and informative.

Next please find attached the Following useful documents:

  1. Salvation Army letter to victims. This has been sent to first responders and summarises some of the national guidance on the response to Covid-19. Payment card advice worth of note.
  2. Working with migrants and refugees during the COVID-19 crisis by the chartered institute of housing
  3. Covid-19 modern slavery and human trafficking NHS rapid read
  4. Hestia online modern slavery and homelessness training information
  5. Helen Bamber Foundation call for UK Government to protect survivors of modern slavery

New FLEX briefing: COVID-19 impact on low-paid workers and risk of exploitation

Our research found that the pandemic is likely to raise the risk of exploitation for specific categories of workers who were already made more vulnerable to abuse by current migration and social protection policies, such as workers in low-paid and insecure employment, migrants and women. 

To prevent this, we’re calling for a number of practical changes to ensure that all workers are protected from destitution and modern slavery offences during, and in the aftermath, of this crisis.  More information on our findings and recommendations can be found in the attached file or in this link.

Covid-19 impact statement

As mentioned in my previous update, I am working to compile a covid-19 impact statement for victims and organised crime groups. this is broken into three sections.

  1. Observations of the direct impact of Covid-19 on victims
  2. Observations of the impact of Covid-19 on organised crime group behaviour and signs to spot of possible exploitation
  3. Observations of the impact of Covid-19 and the risk to other vulnerable cohorts

If you feel like you have anything to feed into any of these sections please do forward to me so I may add them. Our understanding of the current crisis and its short, medium and long term effects on vulnerable adults and children will be critical to our response for some time to come.

If you have any information or intelligence that you feel is important to possible criminal exploitation or activity please use the Humberside Police Partnership Intelligence Form (PIF) here:


Thank you to those that registered their interest to conduct the next HMSP meeting via video call. Please let me know if you haven’t already so we can gauge numbers

Best wishes to you and your families

Keep up the good work


Andrew Smith | Coordinator, Humber Modern Slavery Partnership | Wilberforce Institute