What the 2022 Queen’s speech means for the social sector

From Think NPC:

A police escort leads a peloton of luxury cars one mile across London. A woman with a stick has a door slammed in her face. A pensioner sits on a throne to announce the latest laws on everything from energy to cryptos, to an amassed group of yeomen and lords. Everyone is wearing robes for some reason.

The Queen’s speech is always a flowery affair, one that brings the new policies of our government into sharp contrast with the ancient pageantry around it. In a new twist this year we saw the Queen replaced, not only by Prince Charles, but by a cushion which dutifully took up the role of propping up the crown usually worn by Her Majesty. Like the format of the speech, the content also had a mix of new and old—some for charities to be pleased about and some which may raise concerns.

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