We are the Docks!

Send on behalf of Rosanna McGlone:

We are the Docks is a community play which will be based mainly on the actual words of fishermen and anyone else associated with the docks back in the day. 

In the first instance, I am looking for people to interview. I will be holding interviews at Freeman Street Market who are supporting this project, but am very happy to also come to visit people in their homes to enable inclusivity. 

As these interviews will all be taped, I am then looking for volunteers to transcribe just one interview each. This will involve listening to an interview and writing down the exact words that are said. For an hour’s interview I would anticipate that this would take approximately 3 hours of work. This will be an opportunity to share in the fascinating wealth of history of the docks. 

This will be a short play followed by a  question and answer session, and will be performed at two very different venues: GIFHE and at Freeman Street Market. Later I will be looking for actors and possibly people to help with costumes and generally with the production. 

I would be grateful if you could share this call out for volunteers to be involved in the play with your networks.

Please find further details on the poster below.