VCSE Leaders’ Wellbeing Hub Programme

Leadership Wellbeing Coaching

The Leadership Wellbeing Coaching programme focuses on helping leaders within the VCSE sector to explore their own wellbeing, identify strategies for keeping well, communicate their needs to others and sustain their journey to wellbeing.
The programme combines practical coaching techniques with ecotherapy approaches, comprising four full-day sessions spread across a year in a nature-based environment in North Yorkshire.

Humber Coast and Vale understand that a four-day commitment feels like a lot, but the cyclical nature of business means that one day of wellbeing work simply isn’t enough. Just like the everchanging natural world, creating a thriving wellbeing culture requires patience, resilience and the confidence to adapt.

They believe that starts with the individual – not only will participants benefit from being away from work distractions to switch off, refocus and explore, but the programme enables them to better connect with their team to pass on those important messages about wellbeing and to create a wellbeing strategy that really works, isn’t rushed, and adds real value to their people and their organisation. Each phase explores, educates and creates action, and is followed up with additional resources that embed the learnings for ongoing engagement and focus.

Session 1 – Wednesday 24 November 2021 (venue tbc)

The first session looks at basic well-being needs, exploring participants’ vision and values, and learning the basics about employee wellbeing with an introduction to natural principles.

Session 2 – Thursday 24 March 2022 (Summerbridge, North Yorkshire)

This session will explore existing wellbeing strategies and how to have wellbeing conversations, looking at keeping participants and others well by learning and implementing effective strategies for health and happiness

Session 3 – Wednesday 6 July 2022 (Summerbridge, North Yorkshire)

The third session will focus on emotional resilience and creating psychological safety and enable participants to feel confident to respond with confidence and clarity in the face of challenge and adversity.

Session 4 – Thursday 6 October 2022 (Summerbridge, North Yorkshire)

The final session will explore how to grow a wellbeing vision to nurture a community within participants’ teams where everyone can seek and offer support, utilising connections, communication, and community to bring a wellbeing culture to life.

For full information of this, and other opportunities such as Online Leadership Wellbeing Workshops, and the Wellbeing Champions Programme, read the programme guide here as an online pdf

VCSE Leaders’ Hub Wellbeing Progamme Guide