Ukraine Update for Sport and Recreation

From Sport + Recreation Alliance, 2nd March:

We recognise the seriousness of the situation unfolding as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and we welcome and support the solidarity shown by the sport and recreation sector, both domestically and internationally, in response.

The developments in Ukraine will have various impacts – both direct and indirect – relevant to Alliance members and the wider sector.

In particular, sports bodies, along with the UK Government and international counterparts, have introduced a range of sporting, economic and financial sanctions against Russia and related businesses and individuals.

More broadly, the conflict is likely to have wider economic consequences with the potential for further increases in energy and other input prices, ongoing travel restrictions and heightened cyber security risks.

In response to requests for more information from members, this briefing summarises some of the sanctions and wider impacts and how these may affect the sport and recreation sector.

At this stage the situation is evolving rapidly and we have provided links to further guidance where appropriate. We will seek to keep this information updated as events develop.

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