UK Coaching Award

Deadline 13th September 2021

Nominations for the 24th UK Coaching Awards are now open. The following awards are hosted by UK Coaching, these awards showcase the diverse work of coaches from all walks of life, helping people improve their wellbeing and activity levels.

The awards are given to individual coaches who’ve excelled and shown outstanding commitment in a certain area, or to an individual and/or group over the past 12 months. 

Each award category has specific criteria that you will need to answer questions against to complete your nomination, but please read this general advice first:

  • Check the criteria to ensure you are making a nomination in the correct category.
  • Read the general criteria, which is applicable to all awards, and the ‘what we are looking for’ bullet points below with information specific to each award category.
  • The UK Coaching Awards recognises the impact of the coach, organisation or programme on UK participants/athletes only.
  • The judging panel can only use the details you provide in the nomination form.
  • Nominees can only be judged in the category they have been nominated in.
  • If a nominee meets the criteria for multiple awards and you wish to nominate them for more than one award, please complete the relevant nomination forms.

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