Tricky disciplinary and grievance issues – your questions answered (webinar)

From Personnel Today:

While tricky disciplinary and grievance issues are nothing new, the way that we work is changing and this can result in additional challenges for employers. From handling the reluctant returner to conducting hearings remotely, HR and line managers are having to adapt their procedures and make decisions on new, and sometimes untested, issues.

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In XpertHR’s 60-minute webinar, originally held on Wednesday 10 November 2021, Darren Newman, employment lawyer and consultant editor at XpertHR,  guides you through how to handle effectively misconduct and conflict in the workplace.

From analysing the role of your policies and procedures to dealing with perennial, but time-consuming, issues such as the absent employee, Darren takes you through the fundamentals and complexities of handling tricky disciplinary and grievance issues.

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