The Trustee pension toolkit

The Trustee toolkit is a free, online learning programme from The Pensions Regulator aimed at trustees of occupational pension schemes.

The Trustee toolkit includes a series of online learning modules and downloadable resources developed to help you meet the minimum level of knowledge and understanding introduced in the Pensions Act 2004.

You can find more information about the Trustee knowledge and understanding requirements on The Pensions Regulator’s website

What is the toolkit?

There are 11 learning modules: five core modules aimed at all trustees, four aimed at trustees of DB schemes and two aimed at trustees of DC schemes.

The modules are broken down into smaller scenarios that follow the board of a DB scheme with a DC section as they govern the scheme and attend trustee meetings, dealing with issues, meeting advisers and communicating with members along the way.

As you work through the scenarios you will take part in trustee discussions as a member of the board and your knowledge will be tested through ‘decision point’ questions. Depending on your answer you may be directed to technical tutorials to learn more about the topic such as risk management and internal controls, default investment options for DC schemes or recovery plans for DB schemes.

Each module has an assessment to test your knowledge which, if passed, is added to your development record. You can download and share your development record as proof of your achievements.

Find out more about the Toolkit here