The Recovery Community

Sent on behalf of Creative Start CIC:

Do you have an interest in Recovery and hearing from those that are in a process of Recovery as well as their affected others? 

Do you want to see tangible evidence that recovery is possible and look at ways of breaking the stigma that makes it more difficult for people to access help?

Do you want to ensure that there are more opportunities for people to find and maintain recovery? 

Do you need help yourself and unsure the best approach to take or is there someone you care about that is in active addiction and you need support? 

Would you like to see Recovery more visible in your community and more access to help for those that need it most?

The Recovery Community invites you to join us and look at ways that we can work together, to not only help people affected by addiction but their families and loved ones. 

We have set a day and time for our first ‘Recovery Community’ meeting. It will be held at The Comeback, 8 Abbeywalk, Grimsby, DN31 1NB on 22nd November at 7pm.

Please email us at to let us know if you can attend. 

You don’t need to be in Recovery, affected by addiction or working in recovery services to attend, you only need an interest in helping more people recover in our community and tackling the issues that addiction has on our society, specifically in North East Lincolnshire. 

For local mental health and addiction services – The Comeback is a lived experience drop in and home of the recovery community in North East Lincolnshire. This includes survivors of addiction, mental health, trauma and abuse, some of which may have accessed your service in the past and are now giving back to their community. Therefore we believe it will be of keen interest and value to your service and we welcome and invite all representatives that can attend these meetings.

The Recovery Community promotes all forms of recovery and are not exclusive to one type of recovery, therapy or programme.

Addiction does not discriminate!

Creative Start supporting the Recovery Community – Opening the door to a successful recovery.