The National Trust members vote to ban trail hunting

From Civil Society

National Trust members have voted to ban trail hunting on the charity’s grounds, and the board will reconsider its stance on the activity.

At the charity’s annual general meeting (AGM) , a landslide majority, 76,816 members, voted in favour of a trail hunting ban on National Trust grounds, with 38,184 against it.

Since hunting wild animals was banned in England and Wales in the Hunting Act of 2004, trail hunting has become a popular substitute. This is where hunts chase a synthetic scent made to mimic an animal, so no foxes or mammals are harmed in the process. However, many claim that trail hunting can and has been used to disguise real hunting.

Five members, with the support of 50 others, proposed a resolution calling for a ban on trail hunting “to prevent potential illegal activity” and “prevent damage to other flora and fauna”.

In response the trustees said: “We note the resolution and are keen to hear the views of the membership on this subject.”

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