The National Business Response Network (Covid-19)

The National Business Response Network is free to access online – businesses can log any offers and charitable based / community organisations can also log any requests for support.

Please note, unfortunately they cannot accept any requests for funding or PPE 

The National Business Response Network was launched in April by Business in the Community, (opens in a new tab) a charity, and part of The Prince’s Responsible Business Network. The network focuses its activity on four key areas helping communities navigate their way through the coronavirus pandemic:

Food: Ensuring people have continued access to food

Technology: Support to enable children to continue learning, and older people to stay connected to families

Community support: Support to vulnerable groups and older people to enable continued access to food, healthcare, social interaction and other essentials

Small businesses: Creating resources with advice and practical tools specifically for small businesses; providing business continuity and wellbeing support through mentoring for small businesses

To date, food has been by far the most matched request with offers of support from businesses.

Examples of matches made during April and May:

  • an airline catering company who have donated over 100,000 meals, many delivered by airport staff volunteers, to communities in Greater Manchester.
  • a donation of 55,000 cakes to small community organisations across seven UK regions
  • delivery of 100 laptops to the Reach Academy and LEAP Federation, two community organisations in London which split the laptops between 6 primary schools.
  • 40 large freezers donated to foodbanks across the country, including £50 in vouchers to each food bank to start filling the freezers.
  • donation of essential stationery to schools and communities across the UK.

Community organisations in need of help and businesses wanting to offer their support can visit the National Business Response Network online board of needs and offers here (opens in a new tab)

For further information please contact  or alternatively call 07912 274169