The Modern Slavery Partnership November 2022

Sent on behalf of Bridgetta Rooney:

The speakers from the Modern Slavery Decision Making Pilot which is a multiagency group reported that decisions up to the present have been that 26 young people have been given a decision about remaining and all are being overseen by the Early Help Team which includes 4 exploitation practitioners, However there is a backlog of a further 42 young people awaiting their decisions but health, police and social work checks are being done.

Victoria Henley will send a proforma to Amy Hallett for any VCSE groups that wish to sign up for Modern Slavery Training. This training will also be extended to GPS and A&E staff.

Pop up brothels were the focus of investigation during September and October. Some were identified so now posters are to be distributed to community centres, libraries and shops to highlight the possibility of any bring in the area.

The use of Facebook, Twitter Instagram and TikTok are to be further developed to keep the public alert.