The Global Majority Fund

Deadline 30th November 2020 Midday

The grants are for new intermediary technical partners with the ability, expertise, networks and knowledge to distribute rapid funding to further Covid-19 response work with communities experiencing racial inequality in the UK.

grants of between £150,000 and £250,000 are available who have an annual income of at least £75,000 .

There is particular interest in prospective partners that can reach grassroots organisations who work with communities identified as ‘higher risk’, due to intersecting issues that sharpen the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic such as:

  • Domestic abuse.
  • Poor or worsening mental or physical health.
  • Interrupted or limited access to advice and services.
  • Homelessness and insecure shelter.
  • The increasingly hostile environment faced by migrants, undocumented groups, people seeking asylum and refugees.
  • Communities with no recourse to public funds.

This list is not exhaustive.

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