The Comprehensive Spending Review – what more for health and care spending?

From the King’s Fund

On 27 October 2021 the Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver the Comprehensive Spending Review. This will detail the government’s plans for public spending over the coming years. While recent announcements have set out budgets for parts of the NHS and for social care reform, there remain some important areas for the Comprehensive Spending Review to clarify.

The Comprehensive Spending Review is the opportunity for government to provide certainty to these important areas of spending, to ensure the whole health and care system has the resource to deliver an equitable recovery from the pandemic and make progress against key manifesto commitments. And while certainty now will be helpful to system leaders planning and delivering services, given the uncertainty about both the future path of the pandemic, and the economic recovery, government needs to be open to increasing spending if circumstances require it.

In this briefing the King’s Fund set out the challenges and consider steps the government could take to address them.

They look across different areas of health and care spending in turn, to describe the scale of the challenge in each and consider how to resolve them.

You can read the briefing here