The Carers’ Support Service is now providing free Addiction and Dependency training

Update from Carers’ Support Service:

to help raise awareness of substance addiction and to provide an understanding of it. The training also provides tools for managing and coping with addiction and the impact it can have on families and those close to the person with an addiction.

Addiction is an illness, and it can have an impact on our lives at any time. It can be hard to understand addiction or know what to do about it. The training is available to anyone caring for someone who believes the person they care for may have a substance addiction.

This training is the first in a series of training sessions focussed on looking after someone with a substance addiction. We will let you know as soon as more training opportunities become available.

Click here for more information and for details of how to book.

The training is free and provided in a safe and confidential setting.

Please share the details of the training within your networks.

  • If you would like to talk to someone about the training or any of the support services provided by the Carers’ Support Service, please contact us on 01472 24227. You can also visit our website:
  • To refer a Carer to the Carers’ Support Service, please call the number above or email All we need is a name and contact number and for you to have obtained permission to pass on the Carers details.
  • To refer a Carer specifically for support regarding substance addiction, please email

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Substance Misuse Support Worker.