The Ashley Family Foundation

Deadline 2nd September 2022

Grants are provided to support community museums, farms, gardens, schools and other charitable organisations in England and Wales with small-scale arts and community projects. The Foundation wants to use its funding to develop strong communities, social welfare and creative arts, with a particular emphasis on supporting rural communities.

There is no set limit on the amount that can be awarded; however, preference is given to requests that are below £10,000.

The Foundation favours revenue proposals over capital requests and focuses its funding on on supporting five main themes:

The Foundation favours revenue proposals over capital requests and focuses its funding on on supporting five main themes:

  • Wales – Half of its funding goes to projects in Wales and it continues to maintain strong links with communities in mid-Wales.
  • Rural – It is especially interested in projects that open up opportunity in areas where it might not otherwise exist and that help alleviate the isolation and other hardships that can affect rural communities.
  • Arts – It wants to help bring art to those people that it can help, and help those who will go on to bring art to the people. It supports organisations that provide a wide range of educational and creative activities, including applied arts and crafts, music, drama, and textiles. It also funds arts education with a focus on helping promising young Welsh talent.
  • Community – It is attracted to projects that bring people together, to help each other out and make their community a better, more joyful place. Support is available for a range of community and social welfare projects, including those focused on helping people who suffer from isolation, mental health problems and financial and/or social disadvantage.
  • Small charities – The Foundation has an affinity with small charities, the ones set up by people who are driven by love and kindness to help better the lives of those around them.

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