Support for Afghan Staff and Their Families

North East Lincolnshire Council have confirmed that we will provide support for Afghan staff and their families who have worked closely with British Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

In North East Lincolnshire, four families will be resettled into temporary accommodation and offered support to start a new life.

Since announcing the Council’s participation, the Council has received many offers of goodwill and support – local people who are wanting to offer support and donations to newcomers arriving from Afghanistan

The Council would welcome conversations with organisations interested who could support with these offers of help and with its co-ordination.


  • enable people to contribute to their capacity, safely and where it is needed
  • harness goodwill for wider communities and for the longer term
  • reduce the pressure on organisations and staff  in responding to offers whilst ensuring priority offers reach the right people
  • help inform local communities and reduce the risk of waste and unintended harm

Please contact Caroline Barley at by Friday 10th September 12noon to arrange a more detailed conversation if you are interested in supporting this work.