Street Safe Pilot Tool

Sent on behalf of Humber Modern Slavery Partnership:

I would like to share with you news of the new Street Safe pilot tool.

Street Safe, is a new online tool created by the Home Office. It allows the user to report Environmental (by Place/Location) and Behavioural (People) Anti-social behaviour and was commissioned as part of the recent Home Office VIAWG strategy.

It launched on 2 September and plans to run for a 3 month trial.

It is not a crime reporting tool, but a means for the public, in particular women and girls, to identify locations that they do not feel safe.  In case of emergency please call 999.

Police and OPCC colleagues will have access to the Street safe data and where local information sharing agreements are in place, shall be able to work with partners to identify any trends or ongoing non-crime concerns.

Please share the link widely:

I think you will agree this has real potential to contribute to our local crime control and identification methods. I would expect a period of feedback after the initial trial period has ended.