Step 4 Guidance for CEV individuals

Information written and provided by Government:

From 19th July England will move to Step 4 of its roadmap, easing restrictions to manage the risk of Covid-19.

In advance of next week, the Government has released Step 4 guidance and it can be found here

Whilst the Government is moving away from legal restrictions, the guidance makes clear to people on how they can reduce the risk of catching Covid-19 by providing advice on areas such as wearing face coverings indoors and in crowded places, getting vaccinated and testing and isolating. The guidance suggests that CEV individuals take extra precaution measures as detailed within the document but there is no intention to re-introduce Shielding at this stage.

We know that many CEV individuals are anxious about this next step, so it is worth highlighting two key studies that have taken place which are positive around immunosuppressed and immunocompromised groups. The first is from Public Health England which looked at more than one million people in at-risk groups, and found that people who are immunosuppressed are significantly better protected from symptomatic infection following the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.. Please see attached link.

The second is due later this week following the OCTAVE trial which has sought to understand the immune response to Covid-19 vaccinations in patients with certain immunosuppressed conditions. We do not yet know the full results of this but will forward to you once we have them.

We will be having a further meeting with Ministers over the Summer on how we will shape further advice on Shielding as we move into Autumn and Winter, and will make sure you are kept fully informed of developments.

Kind regards,

The Shielding Team