Smarter Energy NEL

From Invest NEL:

E-Factor are looking to extend their recent decarbonisation support for local businesses with the introduction of Dr Vicky Dunn to their Advisor team. With many years of experience within this field, she will act as their low carbon and business sustainability technical advisor.

Having worked for the last 14 months on the unique Smarter Energy NEL partnership between E-Factor, North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) and Grimsby Community Energy, for whom she is a director, she is keen to continue to maintain the high-level of business advice required by the local SME community to make well informed decisions about investing in ways to lower their carbon footprint and their burgeoning energy costs. 

Smarter Energy NEL has to date worked with 121 number of businesses, delivering 52 of grants to the sum of £112k whilst helping business save on average 7.2% saving in carbon outputs with significant energy savings. 

Tim Maddinson, Business Support and Advice Manager for E-Factor, stated:

“With such emphasis on the lowering of carbon outputs at a time when energy costs have increased dramatically, it has been extremely rewarding to work with the Smarter Energy NEL partnership to date. With Vicky now joining the Advisor team, E-Factor are committed to providing a vital service to our local business community to ensure they have the correct facts and advice as they need it.”

To discuss support available for your business to cut energy bills and carbon emissions, visit Smarter Energy NEL – E-Factor Business or call 01472 252780.