School for Social Entrepreneurs: Community Business Trade Up Programme

Deadline 28th July 2022

A business development learning programme and match trading grant are available to support locally rooted community businesses in England to become stronger and more sustainable.

The programme aims to support early stage community businesses across England by helping them to:

  • Grow a stronger, more sustainable community business or project.
  • Recover and rebuild income from trading and sales.
  • Benefit from time to reflect and map out next steps.
  • Improve leadership and business skills.
  • Build a local support network of other people running similar organisations.

The following are available:

  • A free learning programme, to help community businesses recover and rebuild their income and impact.
  • Match trading grant of up to £5,000. The first £1,000 will be awarded up front. The remaining four instalments of up to £1,000 will be given over the year matched against the participant’s increased trading.
  • Peer support. An opportunity to meet regularly with other people running similar organisations with an eye to helping each other out

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