Road Safety Trust

Deadline 26th April 2022

The overall aims of the Road Safety Trust are to reduce death and injury on the UK roads through providing independent funding for research and the development of innovative approaches.

The objectives of the grant programme are to:

  • Generate new knowledge about what works.
  • Translate ideas into new measures.
  • Influence road safety policy and practice.
  • Support partnership working and collaboration.

There are two levels of grants that will be available:

  • Major themed grants: between £25,0000 and £200,000.
  • Small grants programme 2022: grants of between £10,000 to £30,000 over a two-year period.

There are two strands of funding:

  • Major themed grants for projects which focus on a theme each year. In 2021 the Trust invited applications under the specific theme of ‘How can technology be used to reduce road offending and improve road safety?’ Information on the 2022 theme will be provided when it becomes available.
  • The Small Grants Programme supports projects on their journey to making a tangible difference on the roads.

To find out more on the fund, please visit the Road Safety Trust website here.