Review of day services for people needing adult social care

Written and sent on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group:

A review is being undertaken of how adult social care day services are provided in North East Lincolnshire with the aim of putting together proposals on how this should and could be provided to meet the needs of those using the services, now and in the future.

Leading this review project, we are working closely with service providers, and engaging with stakeholders to gather information about current services.  We are in the first phase of the review which is the discovery phase, where we are conducting initial user research and speaking to people that use the services, obtaining their views and experiences and finding out their needs, and how the services benefit them.

To form a complete picture of the services in place locally we are chatting to staff and other professionals involved in providing these services, and carers who have family members and friends they care for using the available services. In addition to these conversations, surveys will be carried out with all users and staff, giving everyone the opportunity to have their say and help shape any proposals and improvements.

Day services is a package of community-based activities which people can choose to participate in that offer them the opportunity to do things such as, meeting up with others and making friends, taking on volunteering roles, and using leisure and recreational facilities to help and support them in their lives.

Bev Compton, Director of Adult Services explained, “We know that people who use our day centres and other activities on offer value the service, and so do their carers’. A high proportion of people using the service have been doing so for a long time and whilst that may be appropriate for some people, it may not be for others as people’s needs are very different. This review of services is essential to ensure that those differing needs are being met and we are doing the best we can for those that use day services.” 

People living in the area need to be able to have the choice of and access to a range of support and activities in the wider community and not just in day centres, and this will mean working closely with the voluntary sector and other community providers to ensure access for everyone.  

The project team are looking at the potential to improve the selection of services on offer and enable people to lead full and meaningful lives, allow them access to a wide range of social, work and leisure opportunities that help them build skills and confidence, develop relationships, and maintain their independence. 

We are exploring the ways in which services can be provided such as digitally and online as well as in person to better meet the needs of people now and in future. Our aim is to ensure that people are supported to be resilient, live independently wherever possible and can exercise choice and control, so that they can benefit from good overall health and mental wellbeing. Further information and updates on the review will be available as the project develops and we progress to the launch of surveys. In the meantime, if you have any questions please email: