Recruitment for Charity Tax Group Board Member

Deadline 25th April 2022

Who are Charity Tax Group?

CTG is the authoritative voice of charities on tax. Over the past 40 years CTG has saved the sector billions of pounds in tax. We work together to campaign for a better fiscal environment for the charities, provide authoritative information, improve understanding and secure a fair deal for charities on tax. We work closely with HMRC, the Treasury to support our network of large and small charities.

CTG’s core principles are to:

  • Strive for technical excellence in all aspects of tax that impacts on charities
  • Provide practical support to charities by mitigating their tax burden and providing informed and relevant guidance.
  • Work with others to maximise our impact.
  • Develop a sustainable funding structure that matches our ambition
  • Be brave and innovative

What do CTG board members do?

The board sets out the strategic direction of CTG’s work programme and identifies key short and long-term goals. Board members also share their relevant technical expertise and are involved in delivering CTG’s work programme in association with the Secretariat and its Technical Adviser. The Board works to ensure CTG’s financial sustainability and legal and regulatory compliance, and aspires to best practice in its governance.

Board members automatically become a Director of the Charity Tax Group, which operates as a company limited by guarantee. Board members are volunteers.

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