QED Online Trainers Needed

QED, a training and consultancy company, are looking for new people. You can find them here http://www.qedworks.com/index.htm Please see below for more information:

As part of adjusting to the new world that awaits us all, the following “job” or “assignment”  opportunities are now available. You may receive an auto response to anything you send so don’t think I am ignoring what you say! Nearly 13,000 people will receive this mailing! I usually get lots of replies and need to manage the volume. Even if you are not successful ,I will give you feedback.

Applications are therefore invited for:-

Online Trainers

I am looking for very experienced ONLINE trainers in either technical subjects such as employment law and/or personal development topics such as  public speaking/presentations. You would be working with a QED script and materials under copyright but would be able to inject  your own training delivery style. A number of clients  are already asking me for this ONLINE training and primarily at the moment in:-

  • Redundancy and Role of Employee Reps
  • Universal Credit and Welfare Benefits
  • GDPR – Data Protection

I have “oven ready” courses that have been delivered in classroom/training rooms and these would be  adapted to online working.

So if you are interested in joining a QED pool of on line  trainers in these AND/OR other  subjects  do please  get  in touch with your CV and experience of this type of work -qedworks@hotmail.co.uk

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