Printing and Publications Preliminary Market Consultation

Deadline 8th December 2020

North East Lincolnshire Council (the Authority) is undertaking preliminary market consultation (PMC) on its idea about a replacement to its printing and publications framework. The objective of this PMC is to share with the market the Authority’s ideas for the framework, to gather feedback on the ideas and to seek ideas about opportunities and innovation in the market.

In summary, the Authority is considering procuring a framework of external print and publication providers which covers the following job types:

  • Traditional and Lithograph Printing
  • Promotional Print
  • Large Format Print For further information about the PMC

You will need to register with YORtender and then express an interest in the opportunity in order to access the PMC documents and questionnaire. Information about the PMC is only available via YORtender.

There are supplier help guides, which are accessible via the YORtender home page if you have trouble accessing the PMC. It is important to note that a PMC is not a tender exercise. Following PMC, the Authority may conclude that procurement is not the best solution to meet a particular strategy outcome. The Authority may conclude that it would be better to do something entirely different to the intent within this PMC.

It is essential that any organisation participating in the PMC understands that a procurement opportunity is not guaranteed. It is therefore essential that organisations understand that this activity is not part of a procurement exercise and involvement in the PMC does not affect an organisation’s positioning either positively or negatively should a procurement opportunity arise subsequently. All questions and clarifications about this PMC must only be submitted via YORtender.

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