Preliminary Market Consultation CCTV Upgrade, North East Lincolnshire

Deadline 7th October 2020

ENGIE Services Ltd on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council is carrying out a Preliminary Market Consultation ahead of a procurement exercise to find a suitable contractor who can design and install new CCTV cameras on to a newly extended Mesh transmission network system, providing the infrastructure within the CCTV control room which will be upgraded as a part of this exercise by the successful contractor.

The coverage is to extend across the Borough of North East Lincolnshire. As a part of this PMC they would like to understand what the market has to offer in terms of an improved system, replacement digital cameras, connectivity to existing systems, increased infrastructure requirements, along with gaining insight as to advantages and disadvantages of using cloud based and static PC based systems for monitoring, recording and retrieving the CCTV data. A key feature of any new system is that it must be updateable, robust, and secure they would like to understand throughout this PMC how the market can achieve this.

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