Power to Change: Community Business Crowdmatch

Up to £6,000 of extra funding to help start or grow community businesses in England such as community owned shops, pubs, sports facilities and local landmarks.

Community Business Crowdmatch will support communities to develop, test or grow your community business. Use the power of the crowd to raise funding to cover key costs, as well as build your network of supporters. 

Whether it’s a community building (shop, pub or hub), green space, an energy project or sports or arts facility or service – if it’s owned and run by the community this fund is for you.

Power to Change will match fund up to 50% of your target, to a maximum of £6,000, as long as you can raise the rest through crowdfunding.

To apply for this fund take the first step and start crowdfunding. If you’ve already started, continue setting up your project.

For further information please visit the Crowdfunder website here.