Posers in the Park Competition

From Sophie Pickerden – Environmental Education Officer for North East Lincolnshire Council:

We are currently running a competition throughout North East Lincolnshire that we thought your group might be interested in sharing. It Is to design a poster to go up in the parks, asking people not to litter.

There are 4 prizes of £50 to win, plus the winners will get to see their design up in the parks. It is open to all ages, and you can find more information and how to enter in the documents I have attached. 

If you would like to support the campaign by sharing the competition with your group/community, we would really appreciate it, we have attached a poster to promote the competition to display in this email.

Also, you may wish to offer to your group being a drop off point for posters and then sending them in to us in bulk, rather than every entry by your group members having to be sent in individually. This is up to you if you wish to do so, but we thought it may make it easier for everyone to get involved, as we understand not all parents have the time or money to post individual entries.

We know you do some fabulous work in your community, and so we hope you will join us in sharing the message that we all need to look after our environment.