Phone ‘n’ Ride open for work and education

Written and send on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council:

The Department for Transport’s Access Fund is supporting Phone ‘n’ Ride to develop more employment and training journeys with the aim of supporting local employers and training providers.

The initiative will enable North East Lincolnshire Council and its regeneration partner, ENGIE, to improve access to employment and training opportunities, enabling better connectivity between people, places and economic opportunities through the funding available.

The Phone ‘n’ Ride Service is one of North East Lincolnshire’s on-demand bus services offering an alternative to public transport with passengers setting the route and timetable depending on where they need to go.

With workplaces and education providers continuing to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, North East Lincolnshire Council and ENGIE are highlighting the option of the Phone ‘n’ Ride Service in accessing work and education, especially in key employment zones such as the South Humber bank.

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