Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Ideas and Pioneers Fund

 Pausing new applications until Autumn 2020

Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) are offering funds to individuals, teams and small organisations to support early development of ideas with unusual promise to improve the life chances and opportunities of individuals and communities in the UK.

You can apply for up to £10,000 which is available for a period of up to 18 months. Exceptional projects can receive up to £15,000.

The PHF’s mission is to “help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives”. The Foundation places particular focus on supporting both young people and the arts. The Foundation’s Strategy 2015 identifies six strategic priorities relating to changes the PHF wishes to see in the UK. These are:

  • To support imaginative people to nurture exciting ideas.
  • To widen access and participation in the arts.
  • To improve people’s education and learning through the arts.
  • To show that the arts make a difference to people’s lives.
  • To support the development and growth of organisations investing in young people and positive change.
  • To improve support for young people who migrate, and strengthen integration so that communities can live well together.

For more information please visit the PHF website here.