Orlando Fraser’s inaugural speech

In his first speech as Chair of the Commission, Orlando Fraser sets out his intention to lead an expert regulator that is fair, balanced and independent.

As a Chancery barrister, I am particularly delighted that my very first speaking engagement as Chair of the Commission is with a large body of trustees. You are the legal core of any charity, and as such you rank particularly highly in my own legal estimation.

What I am going to do, as briefly as I can, is speak a bit about myself and my journey here, a bit about my priorities for the Commission, and a bit about the Commission’s future relationship with you as trustees.

Some of you will know that I have been a Chancery barrister for the past 28 years, and a Queen’s Counsel since 2014. I have already had a nearly 5-year stint as a Board member at the Commission under William Shawcross. And I have nearly 30 years of volunteering under my belt, beginning with running aid to Bosnian Muslims in the Yugoslavian Civil War in 1992, and following that with being:

  • on the Management Committee of Westside Housing
  • a Governor of Ilfracombe CC
  • a fellow of the Centre of Social Justice
  • on the Advisory Board of NCVO
  • a volunteer at the Rugby Portobello Trust charity during the Grenfell tragedy

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