Northern Forest Volunteer Tree Planting Scheme Framework

Deadline 14th December 2020

North Lincolnshire Council is seeking to establish a framework with a single Provider to deliver the Northern Forest Tree Planting Scheme.

The Provider shall have experience of delivering large scale tree-planting programmes with volunteers, such as in the context of Defra and/or Community Forest Schemes. North Lincolnshire Council has set an initial target of 110,000 trees to be planted in 2020/21, with a requirement for two years’ tree aftercare and there is the potential for further tree planting in subsequent years subject to additional funding being secured.

Experience gained through the National Forest, Northern Forest and Council projects has demonstrated the value of involving local people in tree planting projects. The Provider shall be responsible for delivering the following:

  • the supply, delivery and planting of trees
  • temporary storage or heeling in of trees prior to planting
  • the aftercare of trees for a two year maintenance period including weeding, staking, shelter maintenance and beating up
  • the recruitment, training, leadership and direct supervision of volunteers for tree planting and maintenance
  • providing vehicles, hand tools and power tools appropriate for tree planting operations
  • provide sufficient supervisory capacity to deliver a large number of large volunteer-led tree planting schemes.

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