North East Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership’s Online Learning is Moving to a New Platform from Monday 23 November 2020

Sent on behalf of Emma Wragg, Learning and Development Advisor (Safeguarding), Children’s Services, NELC:

North East Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership’s Online Learning is Moving to a New Platform from Monday 23 November 2020

Our safeguarding children e-learning training, in collaboration with Virtual College, is moving over to a new platform called Enable on Monday 23 November 2020.  This new platform will provide a more modern and visual appeal and an improved user experience.

If you have accessed any courses on the current system, available through the SaferNEL website with Virtual College, you will need to ensure that any certificates have been downloaded or printed by this date, as records will not be transferred over to the new system and you will be required to register on the new system from 23 November onwards.

There will be no break in availability of this online learning.  Please continue to access the online safeguarding training on the SaferNEL training page here, from 23 November.

Courses are currently free to access, providing they are completed within 21 days, otherwise we will charge a £50 non-completion charge per person per course.

When self-registering, you will be asked to select a group, similar to previously.  Please select the group that is most appropriate, ie ‘Academies/Schools and Other Learning Providers’

We have chosen courses from an extensive catalogue but have only been able to purchase 500 licences, so please consider this when choosing courses and check that they are appropriate for you to access.  Virtual College have reviewed and consolidated some courses so the titles may now be different, as well as applying levels to some courses now.

* Please note that the course levels listed below, ie Safeguarding Children Level 3, have been produced according to intercollegiate competence levels and do not align to our current SCP training levels.   This course most closely aligns to our SCP Level 1 training

The following courses will be available for you to access, as appropriate to your role:

Previous Course TitleNew Title on New System
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect – CoreSafeguarding Children Level 3* (aligns to our SCP Level 1 Introduction to Safeguarding Children Training)  
Safeguarding Everyone – Protecting Children, Young People and Adults at Risk  Safeguarding Everyone Level 3*
An Introduction to FGM, Forced Marriage, Spirit Possession and Honour Based Violence  FGM and Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief
Awareness of Domestic Violence and AbuseAwareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse  
Awareness of Forced MarriagesAwareness of Forced Marriages  
Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern SlaveryModern Slavery and Trafficking  
Separate courses: Parental Mental Health Domestic Abuse Hidden Harm  Now combined into one course: Toxic Trio
Working with Children with DisabilitiesWorking with Children with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities  
Safer Recruitment  Safer Recruitment
Child Sexual ExploitationChild Sexual Exploitation  
n/a – new course  Gang Related Issues and County Lines
n/a – new courseSupporting Teenagers and Young People  

For details of the content of all courses listed above and further courses for you to purchase separately, please see the Virtual College website.

If you have any queries, please contact Emma Wragg, Learning and Development Advisor, Safeguarding or Tel: 01472 325531.

Kind regards