North East Lincolnshire – Heritage Starter Fund

The Heritage Starter is an amount of money provided to an applicant to act as an ‘enabler’ to allow something to happen. This could be development work on a project or research idea, funded expertise from a professional or to complete a specific aim e.g., to formalise an organisation with a governance model and/or bank account.  For North East Lincolnshire, the specific aim of the Heritage Starter is to provide the opportunity to develop an idea which can then be upscaled and taken forward as a larger project, eligible for funding directly from the National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF).

The minimum grant request is £500; the maximum is £10,000. You can use this funding as match funding towards a larger heritage project, but it cannot be used as match funding against another NLHF application. Projects must be entirely complete by the end of the funding programme – March 2023.