North East Lincolnshire Council’s path to net zero and a better environment set out in new reports

Members of North East Lincolnshire Council are considering two ambitious reports that are set to transform life in the borough during the next thirty years.

The Carbon Roadmap sets out the Council’s aims to cut its carbon emissions to net zero by 2040 and for North East Lincolnshire to be carbon net zero by 2050. It sets out the work the Council has already started to reduce its own carbon emissions, what more it plans to do, and how it can help others. The Council has prioritised its actions to use its resources to achieve the greatest impact, by considering its strengths as an organisation and sphere of influence. This plan sets out six workstreams for the Council, and then six more where it can act to support the communities and businesses in North East Lincolnshire.

Net zero means reducing carbon emissions as much as possible and balancing the remainder through investing in programmes that increase carbon storage, such as planting more trees or artificial storage solutions.

The Natural Assets Plan sets out how the Council and its partners can improve the area’s unique natural environment for the benefit of everyone. It sets out eight areas the Council wants to focus on. It explains why they are important, what our current situation is and what actions the Council plans to take in the short, medium, and long-term.

These areas have become more urgent to address as climate change increasingly impacts on our lives. Many of the ways to tackle climate change rely on fixes using our natural world, called nature-based solutions.

Both reports complement each other and link in with the Government’s national targets for cutting carbon emissions, reducing the impact of climate change and improving biodiversity.

Scrutiny panel members will review the proposals at a special meeting on Tuesday 9 November and cabinet members will meet to discuss the reports on Wednesday 1 December.

You can download both papers here