North East Lincolnshire Community Letter

Message from Community Cohesion Officer:

Afternoon All,

As you are all aware life is changing at a fast pace for many of us and we are having to make constant changes to plans whether these are individual or ones that effect our Community. Having gone in to Tier 2 we now find ourselves entering a National Lockdown starting on the  05th November for 4 weeks. I am also aware that we have other events happening such as the looming date of our exit from Europe, that there are various religious festivals upcoming and that our communities may feel unsettled or require additional support at this time.

To that end I am asking all of you on my mailing list to let me know if you have anything planned that may be effected (i.e. festivals, holy days, community meetings etc) and if there is anything upcoming that may impact on individual elements of the community or the community as a whole (Brexit or other World events) and if you require any additional support from the Neighbourhood Police Teams.

Could you also let me know the general impact of all this on your communities and how people are coping, if there has been any rise in crime (i.e. anti-social behaviour, hate crime) and if anyone needs bespoke support that we may be able to assist with (this could be increased passing patrols, community inputs arranged via social media etc)  .

Stay Safe,

Kind regards

Dan Goodman

Pc 1596 Goodman,

Community Cohesion Officer,

Tel 01472 721263 ex (2163) Mobile 07930400737