Tackling Inequalities Fund – Active Humber

A further £20 million of National Lottery funding is being made available to help tackle inequalities in physical activity levels as the nation continues its recovery from the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

This money will continue to support community organisations working with our priority audiences, so the organisations have a future to plan for.

The support is designed to enable further recovery and growth up until March 2023 and our director for equality, diversity and inclusion Viveen Taylor, is pleased to see our support for priority audiences maintained.

Click here for Sport England update.

Are you a voluntary, community, charitable or social enterprise organisation providing a service in North East Lincolnshire?

Do you work with or provide a service to one or more of the following groups?

  • People with a disability
  • People with Long Term Health Conditions
  • BAME communities
  • People living in areas of high deprivation

Active Humber have been awarded funding to help reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 and tackling the widening inequalities in sport and physical activity. Some examples of projects we have funded so far include:

  • A disability charity that supports individuals aged 16+ with Autism to access online exercise sessions aimed at the group’s specific needs and fitness levels
  • A Home from Hospital service to support their service users who don’t have access to the internet or the technology to access the internet, to purchase equipment which will allow volunteers to support them to access online physical activity sessions.
  •  A visually impaired group have been supported to provide physical activity opportunities (that used to take place in open spaces) to move sessions to an enclosed facility, which will provide them with a safer environment for their members to undertake exercise.
  • A women’s aid charity to support alternative opportunities for women to be physically active during these times, as they can no longer attend the swimming sessions and yoga classes that were previously provided.

There is no application process. Anyone interested should contact Active Humber by emailing nmassingham@activehumber.co.uk or ringing Nicola on 07860 954 342 for a chat about a project proposal.