NELC – Grimsby Town Centre consultation

Written and sent on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council:

In 2020, a Masterplan was designed for Grimsby Town Centre, the result of a wide range of engagement activities with businesses, residents, and visitors. 

Since then, projects such as the improvements to the green space in St James Square have been completed, and funding has been secured to deliver large scale projects which will start the transformation of Grimsby Town Centre.  These projects include. 

  • Changing Freshney Place into a mixed retail and leisure space with parkway cinemas to provide a 5-screen cinema, additional leisure activities, retail space, a new market hall, and food/beverage options.
  • Refurbishment of Central Library, bringing the upper floors back into use.
  • Creation of a new, green, public space at Riverhead Square.
  • Improving cycle/pedestrian routes in the town centre.
  • A new housing complex, providing high quality, energy efficient, town centre housing. 

As well as this, we are seeing private investments in developments such as the Onside Youth Zone, and Grimsby Projekt (a learning/leisure container installation) being brought into the town. 

In addition, the town centre has seen exciting events such as Festival of the Sea and art installations including The Moon at the Minster. 

Between now and 2025, you will start to see radical changes happening in the town centre, but for Grimsby to continue to prosper, we need to start thinking about the ‘what next’. 

We want to hear how these changes will benefit you, what you think will make it even better, and how we can continue to keep you informed. 

Click the link to share your views by completing the Grimsby Town Centre consultation- external site .