NELC Budget Survey

Deadline 26th January 2020

North East Lincolnshire Council want North East Lincolnshire to be a place where people thrive, businesses succeed and visitors enjoy what NELincs has got to offer. To help achieve this, they align the Council budget to support the delivery of our main priorities: 

Stronger economy – Growing a higher value business economy, creating good quality jobs and celebrating our place.

Stronger communities – Reducing inequalities, growing skill levels, enabling a good quality of life and supporting families throughout their lives. 

The aim of this survey is to take account of residents’ genuine preferences and concerns rather than being skewed by respondents answering that money should only be put into services that they use. This survey is designed to be overarching based on overall resource allocation, further consultation about specific proposals will take place when necessary. 

NELC need to be careful to make sure that they don’t let down any key groups of people in North East Lincolnshire. They use other information to supplement the results of this consultation alongside meeting their statutory obligations. 

To find out more and to take the survey, please click here.