NEL Safeguarding Children Partnership Voice of the Child and Lived Experience Practice Guidance

Sent on behalf of Helen Willis, SCP Manager

The Safeguarding Children Partnership have developed Voice of the Child and understanding their lived experience guidance.  The development of the guidance has been informed by learning from local line of sight and is designed to support practitioners to understand and assess the child’s lived experience which will inform every element of your work with the child/ young person

Locally we found that the child’s voice is generally captured well by agencies, however is not always acted upon and the child’s lived experience is not always fully assessed.  A similar theme was identified at a national level by the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel.

Understanding what the child’s daily life is like

Understanding what a child sees, hears, thinks and experiences on a daily basis, and the way this impacts on their development and welfare, is central to protective safeguarding work.

The child’s views should inform analysis and assessment so that intervention is appropriate to address key concerns and needs.

Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel – GOV.UK (