NEL Safeguarding Children Partnership Annual Report 2021-2022

Sent on behalf of Helen Willis, Safeguarding Children Partnership Manager

Please find enclosed the SCP Annual Report 2020-21 below which has also been published on the SCP website SaferNEL | Safeguarding Children Partnership – SaferNEL

SCP Annual Report 2020-2021

The report sets out the achievements, area of focus and areas of development  going forward. These include:


  • Effective partnership arrangements for responding to contextual safeguarding.
  • Section 11 audit activity evidences partner agencies have robust safeguarding arrangements in place. 
  • Effective processes for learning when things go wrong and in identifying required practice improvement.
  • Strengthened arrangements for hearing the voice of the child, however, work identified in respect of assessing and the child’s lived experience.

Areas of focus:

  • Performance reporting and monitoring across the child concern model and partner agencies.
  • Oversight of Early Help, Children Looked After, Contextual Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse.
  • Reviewing the safeguarding training offer.
  • Reviewing the impact of local arrangements and the resources and capacity required to deliver the two outcomes

Areas of development:

  • Further developing systems for embedding learning and evidencing improved practice and outcomes for children.
  • Reviewing and strengthening Governance arrangements including performance and assurance activity.
  • Reviewing and strengthening the local response to neglect.
  • Reviewing and strengthening the local understanding and response to familial sexual harm.
  • Overseeing the impact of the local transition arrangements in supporting children to move to adulthood

Please contact Helen Willis if you require any further information.