NEL Health & Care – Strep A messaging

Sent on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Health & Care:

For a resource pack and zip file for Strep A messaging please email

Please note – this is only the first of other resources that we will develop over the coming days to help promote the correct messaging to the public, concentrating on our target audiences, including more videos / animations, media opportunities and radio advertising.

We hope, in this short time of development, that this information helps to bridge the gap in disseminating factually correct information to those that need it.

Upcoming public facing messages:

  • Getting help from local pharmacies
  • Translated information
  • Be kind and respectful to our local healthcare workers (primary and secondary)
  • Antibiotic availability – busting the myths!

An important note

Media outlets are pressing local healthcare services for details on patient numbers presenting with Strep A and the total admissions to hospitals. Locally we have agreed that this information will not be shared with the media.  If you are approached by the media, please contact your local Communications Lead by emailing