NCVO Almanac 2021: The latest findings on the voluntary sector and volunteering

NCVO research and insight manager, Anya Martin, looks at the key findings of the Almanac 2021 and what they show about the UK’s voluntary sector:

The 2021 edition of NCVO’s UK Civil Society Almanac, published today, provides the latest overview of the voluntary sector, its finances, and the people who make it what it is. Although most of the financial data is based on 2018/19, this year we’ve worked to supplement it with more recent data to help readers understand the challenges that are currently facing the sector.

The Almanac is a phenomenal data resource. We collect a large sample of about 10,000 annual reports and use machine learning to classify and sort these. We then aggregate and weight these to get a picture of the whole sector. It’s the definitive resource for understanding the voluntary sector. It’s even used by the Office for National Statistics in calculating the sector’s size for the national accounts. Here’s a look at what the latest data shows.

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