Nature Based Solutions for Climate Change at the Landscape Scale

Deadline 29th August 2022

The aim of the Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change at the Landscape Scale project is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote carbon sequestration. This is to be achieved by creating or restoring semi-natural habitats, which can also bring multiple additional benefits when planned at a landscape scale.

The programme aims to:

  • Learn how carbon accumulates in, and is released from, different habitats across the country.
  • Show how private and public funding can combine to achieve economically viable and long-term environmental objectives.
  • Understand the benefits of considering nature-based solutions at the landscape scale.
  • Provide evidence to inform future grant schemes.

One-off grants will be awarded to partnership-led pilot projects. Projects must achieve habitat creation and restoration at a landscape scale – an area of at least 500 hectares in size.

The programme is competitive. Grants will be awarded to pilot projects that best meet the programme’s objectives. Successful applications will receive part of a £5 million pot from public funding.

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