National Shielding Hub food parcel FAQ’s

Please see below for the Frequently Asked Questions sent to North East Lincolnshire Council by the Government’s National Shielding Team.

If you require urgent food or case assistance, please contact your local authority for support.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. I have registered for a food parcel and yet not received one/I have received one box but deliveries have now stopped: 

If you have had a letter from the NHS or your GP/clinician which states you are extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 and should undergo shielding, you can register for support via the website at or via the helpline on 0800 028 8327.  If you have received a NHS letter and have registered as having no other means of accessing food, you will be eligible for a Government food parcel to be delivered to your home.  

Please note that the food service providers are aiming to make the first deliveries within 7 days of receiving information but we understand this could be slightly longer. We advise that you contact your local authority if you are in urgent need of food assistance.  

If you have already registered for essential food supplies, have waited 7 days but have still not received a parcel then we advise that you:  

  • Contact your local authority to check if you are on the list of shielding individuals requiring food deliveries.   
  • If you are not on the list, we advise that you re-register on, selecting ‘no’ to the question: ‘Do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment?’   
  1. My food box is being delivered to an old address or an incorrect address: 

If your food parcel has been delivered to the wrong address , we advise that you re-register with your new address on, selecting ‘no’ for the question: ‘Do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment?’    

We advise that you contact your local authority if you are in urgent need of food assistance. 

  1. How do I cancel my food box/I have cancelled my food box but I am still receiving deliveries: 

If you no longer wish to receive food parcels, you should re-register at or via the helpline on your NHS letter as no longer requiring food deliveries.  

To do this, select ‘yes’ to the question ‘do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment?’ If you have already done this, the parcel may be delivered before the system has updated.  

You can also de-register by refusing the next food parcel that is delivered to your door and it will be redelivered to another clinically vulnerable person in need. The driver records the refusal of the parcel and you will be removed from the food parcels distribution list.  

This will not affect your supermarket priority slots, as supermarkets already have a priority list and are not expected to make changes to it. 

We are aware of a delay in the system which has meant that cancelling Government food parcels is taking longer than expected. We are working to resolve this as a priority. If you have already re-registered as no longer needing essential supplies, there is no need to re-register again and your Government food parcel cancellation will be processed in due course. 

4.       What if I no longer require a food parcel, but I want to stay registered for a priority slot with the supermarket?   

If you no longer require a food box, it does not affect your priority status for a supermarket delivery slot. However, this does not guarantee an immediate priority slot with the supermarket or a regular delivery slot.  

Currently, customers must already be signed up with a supermarket to be prioritised. Supermarkets are working on a process to allocate delivery slots to customers who are not already signed up with them. 

 5.      Why have I been removed from the shielded patient list? 

The definition of a person being clinically extremely vulnerable – and therefore needing to shield – is a clinical decision. If you are concerned that you have been removed from the list in error, please discuss this with your GP or specialist.