National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) – Heritage Emergency Fund

Deadline 31st July 2020

Heritage Lottery are offering grants of between £3,000 and £50,000, for heritage organisations that have received NLHF funding in the past and are either a current grantee or still under contract following a previous grant and are most in need during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Eligibility is:

  • A not-for-profit organisation.
  • A current or previous recipient of a grant directly from the Heritage Lottery.
  • An owner, manager or representative of heritage, or be able to show they have delivered participatory heritage activity.

Priority will be given to organisations that:

  • Have limited or no alternative access to other sources of support, for example, from Governments, other National Lottery distributors, other emergency funding from trusts and foundations.
  • Have already tried other options to stop being at risk such as putting projects on hold, rephasing milestones, repurposing other funding to support day-to-day operations, minimising costs but maximising the function of existing projects (value engineering).
  • Are in greater financial risk from COVID-19 due to a reliance on trading or community fundraising income streams.
  • Are in greater financial risk due to limited reserves.

to find out more, please visit the website here.

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